Tuition Cost

Cost of Tuition and Fees for ASL Sessions and ASL Tutoring

Tuition Cost

Cost of Sign Language Classes

  • Cost for 6 weeks Sessions
  • 2.5 hours Lessons
  • 1 day per week
  • Total of 15 hours 

$250.00 usd

Discount for Classes purchased in muliple Semesters

  • 2 Sermester $50.00 off  Total $450.00 10% 10%
  • 3 semesters $112.50 off Total $637.50 15% 15%
  • 4 semesters $200.00 off ,Total $800.00 20% 20%
  • 5 semester $312.50 off, Total $937.50 25% 25%
  • 6 semesters $375.0 0ff, Total $1125.00 25% 25%
ASL Tutors

Please contact our offices with questions and request related ASL tutoring Services using the Email form Below.

Cost for Sign language Tutoring offered at Sign Language Classes New York Location

Start at  $90.00 per 1 hour Session

We also offer the following  Packages for one on one sessions

6 sessions-  $85 per hour total $510
12 sessions- $80 per hour total $960
18 sessions- $75 per hour total $1350
24 sessions- $70 per hour total $1680


Cost for Off Premise ASL Tutors (Public Cafe, library, etc or Comfort of your home)

Starts at $100.00 per 1 hour Session

We offer the following off premise packages for one on one Tutors Services

6 sessions-  $95 per hour total $570
12 sessions- $90 per hour total $1080
18 sessions- $85 per hour total $1530
24 sessions- $80 per hour total $1920


Corporate Fees

Please give office a call with inquiries  related to Corporate Training Sessions.

corporate office



All request for full refunds must be made 7 day in advance of the first day of the semester the refund is being requested for and you have enrolled to attend .


Tuition credit will given to all that withdraw early from class during the first week of any given semester you have enrolled to attend; this credit will be valid for 6 months.

Credit Policy for Multiple Classes Discount Package :  The fees collected for this discount package are non refundable. A credit will be given that will be valid for the missed semesters .


All cancellation and request for reschuling of events must be received by Sign language Classes NYC  24 hour prior the scheduled session.  You will be billed full price if an notification of cancellaton has not been recieved prior to the session.